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Trial Version (up to 100 records per module, no time limit) e-mail: Free. Includes the following modules: Inventory, BOM, Address Book, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Invoice, Shipment, Work orders, Stockroom, Accounting (GL,AR,AP). Most optional modules are testable in the trial version. The Trial version can be activated over the phone into a Single-user or Multi-user.

Single-user Large Business (up to 1 billion unique part numbers) $730.00 Includes the following modules: Inventory, BOMs, Address Book, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Invoice, Shipment, Work orders, Stockroom, Accounting (GL,AR,AP). The Single-user can be activated over the phone to a Mutli-user system.

Multi-user Large Business (up to 1 billion unique part numbers) $2745.00 (10 seats, $140.00 per seat for additional seats.) $2055.00 (5 seats, $140.00 per seat for additional seats.) Includes the following modules: Inventory, BOM, Address Book, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Invoice, Shipment, Work orders, Stockroom, Accounting (GL,AR,AP)

Upgrades and Support Contract ($895.00 per year with a 6 hour cap) Software Arts offers unlimited upgrades while under the Contract. A manual is available within the program or downloadable from this web site.
IMPORTANT POLICY CHANGE: Companies whose support contract has been expired for more than 1 year will be charged an additional $200.00 for each year skipped up to a maximum of $1,500 for a new support contract.

Optional Modules There are several optional modules currently available. Optional modules can be activated over the phone via special configuration code numbers. Furthermore, most optional modules are testable in both the trial and fully activated versions of pc/MRP.

  • Advanced Password Module $330.00 The Advanced Password module allows an infinite number passwords with user defined access to each module.

  • Bar Code Module, $330.00 The Bar Code module contains barcode fonts. These fonts are used with the report generator to add bar code to labels, forms, and reports.

  • Infinite Bucket MRP $430.00 pc/MRP's advanced MRP option will generate a master production schedule/infinite bucket reports. The reports contains data that can be expressed in a daily schedule or consolidated into weekly, monthly, or a quarterly schedule, for a user definable time period. The MRP reports generate action items for purchases, issues to be made, makes, sales, buys, and labor actions.

  • Sales Analysis Module $430.00 The Sales Analysis module provides sales trend, book to bill, estimated usage, consolidated BOM and cost of sales reports.

  • Sales Quote Module $330.00 The Sales Quote module creates and stores sales quotes which can be automatically converted into sales orders when the customer places the order.

  • Audit Trail Module $330.00 The Audit Trail module records and tracks all changes made to any record, when that record was edited, and who edited that record.

  • Purchase Request for Quote Module (RFQ) $330.00 The Purchase Request Module creates, edits, and prints out Purchase Requests. It can also be printed out as a Request for Quote to request pricing information from a vendor.

  • Alternate Currency $330.00 The Alternate Currency module allows users to maintain an alternate currency database file and print out and store purchase orders, receivers, sales orders, invoices, debit memos, and credit memos in alternate currencies.

  • Serial/Lot Number Module $430.00 The Serial/Lot Number module will store current on hand quantities of each serial/lot number in its snlot.dbf file. It also keeps records of all transactions adjusting the serial/lot number quantities in its snlotdet.dbf file.

  • Engineering Change Notice Module (ECN) $430.00 The ECN module creates, edits, and prints out ECNs and ECN Reports. In addition it will also print out ECN reports that notify purchasing of all POs with part numbers that are affected by ECNs issued in the last 30 days.

  • Routing Module $430.00 The Routing Module allows you to create routing records. You can then move and track work orders and sales orders through the factory floor from work station to work station.

  • Employee Time Tracking $330.00 The Employee Time Tacking module allows users to enter employee information and employee labor records.

  • Inspection Module $330.00 The Inspection Module allows users to create inspection requirements, inspection criteria, and perform inspections for inventory parts and assemblies.

  • Customer Bulk E-Mailer $330.00 This optional module utilizes the address book to allow users to send news letters, advertisements, or other types of documents in bulk to specific address types. (Customers, Vendors, Employees).

  • QuickBooks Export $430.00 This optional module allows users to routinely export AP, AR, inventory, and address data out of pc/MRP and import into U.S. QuickBooks versions 2003, 2004 Pro and above. For pc/MRP versions 7.70 and above.

  • Corporate Enterprise Reporting $18,700.00 + $660.00 per manufacturing division + any optional modules required by the division. This optional module is designed to provide corporate roll up of divisional financial closes automatically accounting for alternate currencies, and synchronize changes within 1 second to specified fields in the Partmaster and the Bills of Materials modules world wide.

  • User Task Manager & Tickler $330.00 This optional module allows users to manage individual tasks, project tasks, or just used as a tickler file. You can assign and monitor all tasks. For pc/MRP versions 8.10 and above.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) $1650.00 plus any customization. The Optional EDI Import-Export module allows electronic data exchange between you, your customers, and vendors.

  • Integrated Web Sales Site Interface $430.00 This optional module allows users to manage orders created on a web sales site (currently ShopSite) by downloading and uploading the orders into pc/MRP's Sales Order module.

  • Dashboard $430.00 This optional module allows users to display critical key performance of company.

Product Price Calculator Product Sales Worksheet (calculator)

pc/MRP Manuals Manuals can be downloaded for free from our website. To download select 'pc/MRP Manual' and choose the version to download (.doc, .chm, .pdf) or Click here for the Manual.

pc/MRP Second Copy Pricing Software purchases of already purchased software and modules for a second company are discounted by 25%; the 1-year support package for the second company is discounted by 10% if the primary company has a support package.

Custom Programming Jobs Software Arts does provide custom programming services with 50% of the quoted price in advance and 50% due Net-30 upon delivery of the custom program. An initial Request For Quote (RFQ) fee of $800.00 is required and is applied to the final cost of the custom programming. We also need as detailed a specification as you can give. We will work with you to finalize the customization to your satisfaction.

Onsite Training (at your location) is available with 50% of training costs and expenses in advance. 50% due upon training completion. Onsite training is $1500 for the first day, $1250 per additional day, plus expenses. Contact Dave Zich at DMSCO, Inc. for onsite pc/MRP training (phone # 520-742-3180, ext 6110).
Local (San Jose, CA area) on-site training is $125.00 per hour plus travel costs. Contact Software Arts, Inc. (phone # 408-226-7321).

In House Training (training in San Jose, CA) is also available for 50% of the training costs in advance. 50% due Net-30 upon receiving the training. In house training is $1000.00 per day for the first person and $100.00 per day for each additional person.

Payment Terms
  • Software Arts, Inc. supplies a free trial copy of pc/MRP to test. Please note that all sales are final!
  • On purchases inside U.S., initial orders are Visa, Master Card, American Express or C.O.D (an additional charge is required for UPS or FedEx). After the initial order we will accept Purchase Orders, AMEX, MC, Visa or C.O.D. Bank Transfers are also available for an additional $25.00 bank charge (allow one to two weeks for transfers to take place.)
  • Outside the U.S. only Visa, Master Card, American Express or Bank Transfers are acceptable. Bank Transfers cost an additional $25.00 bank charge (allow one to two weeks for transfers to take place.)
  • Secure Online payments can be made at pc/MRPs storefront

All terms and conditions are subject to change. Sales are taxed if shipped within California.

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