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pc/MRP is a powerful, affordable, major MRP system used by over 2,400 companies including: Flextronics, Sensata, Los Alamos Labs, Molex, AG Manufacturing, Square D, Northrop Grumman and more.

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Incredible Price/Performance Ratio
Single User version $895.00
Multi User(5) version $2500.00
Multi User(10) version $3750.00
Add'l seats (beyond 5) $250.00/seat
  • Life time licenses, not per user per month or per user per year.
  • A Trial Version is available as a Free download.

Price includes these standard modules

  • Bill of Materials

  • Accounting

  • AP/AR

  • Purchasing

  • Inventory

  • Receiving

  • Sales Order

  • Work Order

  • Invoicing

  • Stock Room

  • Address Book

  • Shipment

Addtional Optional Modules
  • Advanced Password ($650)

  • Infinite Bucket MRP ($650)
  • Bar Code Builder ($650)
  • Sales Analysis ($650)
  • Sales Quote ($650)
  • Employee Time Sheet ($650)
  • Alternate Currency ($650)
  • Inspection ($650)
  • Routing ($650)
  • Audit Trail ($650)
  • Purchase Request (RFQ) ($650)
  • Serial/Lot Number Tracking(SLN) ($650)

  • Engineering Change Notice (ECN) ($650)

  • Customer Bulk Emailer ($650)

  • Quickbooks Export ($650)

  • Corporate Enterprise Reporting ($18,700+)

  • User Task Manger & Tickler ($650)

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ($1650 + customization)

  • Integrated Web Sales Site Interface ($650)

  • Dashboard ($650)

  • Contact Manager ($650)

  • BOM Importer ($3995 + Customization)

Transfer Data From Parts and Vendors into pc/MRP (Call for pricing)

Transfer BOMs from Agile into pc/MRP (Call for pricing)

  • pc/MRP is supported on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 workstations
  • pc/MRP runs on most servers including Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019
  • Compatible with: QuickBooks***, Excel, Outlook, Access, Crystal Reports, and Visual FoxPro
  • Interfaces with UPS, FedEx, and ShopSiteUser Customizable Reports, Forms & Labels
  • Infinite Level Bill of Materials
  • Serial Number and Lot Number Tracking
  • Drill Down Accounting Reports and Unlimited Active Accounting Periods with Lock-out Dates
  • Supports Credit & Debit Memos
  • supports download of ShopSite internet orders into pc/MRP's sales module
  • Automatic Invoice and Billing Statements
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Visual MRP Timeline
  • ISO 9000 Vendor and Customer Shipment Performance Reporting
  • Tracks Partial Payments & Shipments
  • Single user is expandable to Multi-user
  • Supports Billing Statements
  • Passed Sarbanes-Oxley audits
  • Registered in the Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database


What is pc/MRP?

pc/MRP is a fully integrated MRP Software program that includes Accounting. It comes with ten standard integrated modules: Address Book, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Invoicing, Bills of Materials, Stock Room, Shipment, and Accounting (GL, AP, AR). All of the modules can be accessed through the pc/MRP Main Menu shown to the right. Modules can be used on a stand alone or integrated basis.

pc/MRP can be configured to support manufacturing, distribution or retail operations. pc/MRP's multi-user version allows multiple people to enter purchase orders, invoices etc. at the same time on PCs networked with any network server.

Application Menu
pc/MRP Mein Menu

pc/MRP utilizes a number of different technologies, JSON, Visual Basic, FTP, HTTP, C, .NET, and Visual FoxPro 9.

pc/MRP's Single-user Business and two Multi-user versions are priced at $895.00, $2500.00(5 users), and $3750.00(10 users) respectively. Users can upgrade from the single-user version to the multi-user version by contacting Software Arts. Inc. and paying the current price difference between the Multi-user version and the price paid for the non-multi-user version (no data will be lost).

Software Arts, Inc. is located in San Jose, California 1-408-226-7321. Hours of operation are 8AM to 12PM & 1PM to 5PM (PT) in California, USA.

* QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.

*** pc/MRP is designed for use only with the U.S. versions of QuickBooks 2003 and higher, (Pro and above).

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