pc/MRP - The Complete Windows Based MRP Inventory/Accounting Package

by Software Arts, Inc.

Windows-10 Compatible QuickBooks Compatible

pc/MRP is a powerful, affordable, major MRP system used by over 2,400 companies including
Flextronics, Sensata, Los Alamos Labs, Molex, AG Manufacturing, Square D, Northrop Grumman and more.

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Infinite Bucket MRP

Schedule the company's manufacturing operations

pc/MRP's Infinite Bucket MRP Module allows users to generate MRP action items (purchase order, buy, issue, make, sale) and generate MRP reports and a graphical time line of action items.

Advanced MRP features include:

- Push pull reports
- Sales quotes w probabilities
- Visual time line reports
- Consumable work orders
- Dedicated work orders
- Auto purchase order/work order creation option
- purchase order/buy reports by Buyer
- Machine/labor hours
- Visual purchasing graphs
- Recommends best vendor
- Consolidated reports
(daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)

Video - Infinite Bucket module

QuickBooks Interface Module

Keep using QuickBooks for A/P and A/R - No double entries!

Video - Quickbooks Integration

Initially, pc/MRP imports customers, vendors and part numbers from QB into pc/MRP.

From then on all new customers, vendors, part numbers, BOMs, stockroom transactions, POs, receivers, sales/work orders, and invoices are entered into pc/MRP. pc/MRP invoices and receivers are then exported to QB eliminating double entry.

If QB does not contain the part number, customer, or vendor listed on the invoice or receiver it is also exported into QB.

pc/MRP is the base program, used to control inventory, generate purchase orders, receivers, work orders, stockroom transactions, sales orders and invoices.

QuickBooks is used as the accounting module to make deposits, pay bills, print financial statements, generate credit and debit memos.

Manage Your Inventory - Parts and Assemblies

Half million parts - Twenty inventory warehouses and WIP

The Inventory Module in pc/MRP allows you to store, edit, and track information and pictures for each part and assembly in your inventory.

Part number information is automatically imported into sales orders, purchase orders, sales quotes, and purchase requests for quotes. The inventory module will be your primary source for part and assembly information.

Video - Inventory module

Track avg/std/last purchase order costs, vendor/customer price quantity breaks, on hand qtys, WIP qtys. Download price quantity breaks from the WEB.

Perform inspections, physical inventories and cycle counts. Manage serial/lot numbers and alternate currencies. Create where used reports and check your inventory value for any date. Manage all documents, drawings and PDFs. Synchronize with your WEB store.

Manage Your BOMs

Bills of Materials - 100 levels deep

In the Bill of Materials Module create exploded and single level BOMs and PIC lists (costed or uncosted). Drill down/up thru BOMs, perform cost roll-ups. Import Bill of Materials from .CSV files.

Manage alternate part#s, inside/outside labor and unlimited reference designators. Supports blow through BOMs, phantom BOMs, preliminary BOMs and released BOMs.

Video - Bill of Materials module

Customers and Vendors

Unlimited Contacts and unlimited Contact Methods

Video - Address Book module

All your CRM information at your fingertips. Billing/shipping/remittance. Large 6 line addresses. Display map. Check customer balance, average days to pay and credit limit. User-defined list boxes. Process credit cards with a click of a button.

Manage all related documents, DOCs and PDFs. Create pop-up messages, ticklers and address labels. Unlimited comments. Salesman info, tax info and much more.


pc/MRP highlights the best vendor for the PO quantity

Each line item can contain a unique tax rate, discount, due date and unlimited comments. Include a custom boiler plate and/or terms & conditions.

Part and vendor details will be entered automatically.

Video - Purchase Order module

Create blanket purchase orders or duplicate an existing PO.

Auto select price/qty break. Audit on-order quantities.

Use an alternate currency.

100+ reports including ISO 9000 vendor and PPV.

Email or fax your POs directly from pc/MRP.


Receive partial PO quantities
Keep track of received qty and outstanding qty

Part and vendor details will be entered automatically from the PO and can be written over if no longer correct.

Each line item can contain a unique tax rate, discount, due date and unlimited comments.

Email or fax your receivers directly from pc/MRP. Print labels and standard or custom reports.

Use pc/MRP's accounting module for paying your bills. Create debit memos.

Another option is to seamlessly integrate pc/MRP with QuickBooks, and use QB for managing your A/P.

Video - Receiving module

Sales Orders

Automatically create an invoice for "cash and carry" and "account and carry" sales orders

Video - Sales Order module

Each line item can contain a unique tax rate, discount, due date and unlimited comments. Include a custom boiler plate. Use an alt. currency.

Create blanket sales orders or duplicate an existing SO. Auto select price/qty break. 100+ reports including ISO 9000 customer, open back order, sales commissions, cost of sales.

Integrate with your ShopSite Internet store.

Users can enter in house work orders to build to stock. The work order contains valuable information such as has it been issued to manufacturing and how many assemblies have been completed and returned to the stock room. It is important to note that order entry sales orders automatically become work orders.


Invoice partial SO quantities
Keep track of invoiced qty and backorder qty

Part and customer details will be entered automatically from the sales order and can be written over if no longer correct. Each line item can contain a unique tax rate, discount, due date and unlimited comments.

Email or fax your invoices directly from pc/MRP. Print standard or custom reports, shippers and shipping labels. Print shipment reports and a bill of lading from the Shipment Module.

Video - Invoicing module

Use pc/MRP's Accounting Module for receiving payment. Create credit memos.

Another option is to seamlessly integrate pc/MRP with QuickBooks, and use QB for managing your A/R.


pc/MRP keeps track of shortages and partial quantities
Handles breakage and parts not on the BOM

The Stockroom Module is used to issue parts/sub-assys to sales and work orders and receive back the completed assemblies from manufacturing.

Users can track shortages, issue makeup shortages and receive back partial quantities.

Receive back unused parts. Transfer between inventory areas. Adjust on hand quantities. Convert parts to assemblies (optional).

Video - Stockroom module

Reports include check availability and max potential build.


Double Entry system with multilevel Chart of Accounts

Video - Accounting module

pc/MRP's Accounting Package includes a general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and an integrated check writing module.

Supports periodic or perpetual inventory,
credit & debit memos and
electronic funds transfers.

The Audit option checks every accounting transaction for errors, such as invalid dates, duplicate transaction numbers, etc.

pc/MRP's Accounting Module will provide state sales tax reports, sales commission reports, cost of sales reports and many more.

Create drill down reports and income and expense graphs. Post a month and reclose any prior month. Process credit cards with the click of a button.

Serial/Lot Number Module

Keeping track of serialized parts and assemblies

The Serial/Lot Number module will allow users to enter, generate or pick serial numbers when receiving, issuing, or invoicing a serialized part or finished assy.

When receiving parts or receiving back from manufacturing: If you are recording lot numbers, enter your lot number, the quantity in the lot, the vendor's lot number, and the expiration date (if any). If you are recording serial numbers, enter your serial number, the quantity as 1, vendor's serial number, and expiration date (if any).

When issuing parts to MFG or invoicing finished assemblies: Select the serial/lot# and enter the quantity required.

Users can configure how pc/MRP generates the next available serial/lot number.

Link a document, a test document and test data.
Send your reports to display, print, Excel, ASCII, PDF or DBF. Print labels.

Video - Serial/Lot Number module

Barcoding with pc/MRP

Inventory Control - Efficiently and Accurately

Video - Barcoding features

pc/MRP offers a Barcode Builder that accommodates numerous barcode styles and options, and guides the user through the successful implementation in their custom reports.

Users can insert barcodes into labels and various forms and reports.

Automatic Credit Card Processing

Charge a credit card in a safe and fast way.

Unlimited number of credit cards per customer. Mark expired cards as inactive.
The credit card number will be encrypted whenever the record is saved.

Lower your rates by entering as much information as possible.
pc/MRP can validate a credit card number and (optionally) reformat the credit card# by inserting hyphens at the appropriate places.

Video - Credit Card integration

pc/MRP Is Easy to Implement

How to import your data into pc/MRP

Video - Data Importation

When switching to pc/MRP, users can easily import their existing data from another system. pc/MRP is able to import addresses, parts, BOMs, vendor price qty breaks, sales orders, etc. from ASCII, CSV, dBASEIII, XML or XLS files.

View the video for an example of importing Bill of Materials data. For detailed information on importing into other database tables, see our tutorials in MRP101.

Quality Control

Inspection Module

pc/MRP's Inspection Module allows quality control inspectors to record and save their inspection records for parts and assemblies that require an inspection.

Users can specify the events when an inspection must be performed (part received, manufactured, invoiced and/or shipped) and specify what criteria will be used to inspect it. Link the certificate of compliance (.PDF) to the record.

Video - Inspection module


25 user definable work areas

Video - Routing module

Track the location of sales/work orders on the manufacturing floor.
Enter WS Value Percentages. Print reports.

Issuing parts to manufacturing for a sales/work order automatically creates a routing record. Users can designate a work area as "finished goods". Moving products into this area can be used instead of a stockroom transaction receiving back from the manufacturing floor.

Create Your Online Store

Import orders into pc/MRP

Connect pc/MRP with your Shopsite web store.

Download the orders your customers have submitted online. pc/MRP's web store interface will import the orders into your sales orders database table.

Play Web Orders video

Additional Modules and Functions in pc/MRP

Please see MRP101 for detailed tutorials             Part I.

Advanced Password Module: Define an infinite number of user name and password combinations. Each name and password combination can be assigned individual rights (none/view/create/edit/delete) to each pc/MRP module.

Audit Trail: Trace edit changes made in any of the pc/MRP modules (except accounting). The audit trail module will record the date, database, time, user, and field name, the record & item numbers, part/BOM number, or address ID number.

Sales Analysis: Create reports like book to bill reports, consolidated BOM reports, cost of sales report, estimated usage and min qty reports, sales trend reports.

Sales Quote: Assign a % probability to each line item of a sales quote. Easily convert sales quotes to sales orders. Through the use of the infinite bucket module sales quotes can be added for planning and parts from these sales orders will be required according the % probability. Print your sales quote to PDF, or email/fax it directly from pc/MRP.

Purchase Request: Create purchase requests. Send a request for quote to request pricing information from a vendor. Easily convert your RFQ into a purchase order.

Alternate Currency: Create sales orders, purchase orders, etc. in different currencies. Update the exchange rate directly from the Internet.

Additional Modules and Functions in pc/MRP

Please see MRP101 for detailed tutorials           Part II.

Engineering Change Notice: Manage ECNs and ECN reports. Print reports that notify purchasing of all open purchase orders that contain part numbers that are affected by ECNs issued in the last 30 days.

Employee Time Tracking: Actually consists of two modules. Employee Info is used by accounting to manage employee records. Time Sheet is used by individuals and/or accounting to manage employee time sheets.

Task Manager & Tickler: Quickly set reminders. Manage and assign tasks of a project. Multiple task reports with various sort and group options.

EDI Import-Export: Allows electronic data exchange between you, your customers, and vendors.

Customer Bulk E-Mailer: Send individual emails to a selected group of your customers or vendors with a few clicks. Keep track of the mail you sent.

Corporate Enterprise Reporting: Have your parts list and BOMs automatically synchronized across the world in real time. Select the desired division from the drop down menu. Print out consolidated financial reports for all divisions, business units, and the entire corporation. Currencies are automatically reconciled.

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Incredible Price/Performance Ratio
Single User version $730.00
Multi User(5) version $2055.00
Multi User(10) version$2745.00
Add'l seats (beyond 5)$140.00/seat

Life time licenses, not per user per month or per user per year.
A Trial Version is available as a Free download.
Prices include these standard modules
  • Bills of Materials
  • General Ledger
  • AP/AR
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Receiving
  • Sales Order
  • Work Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Stock Room
  • Address Book
  • Shipment
Additional optional modules:
  • Advanced Password ($330)
  • Infinite Bucket MRP($430)
  • Barcode Builder ($330)
  • Sales Analysis ($430)
  • Sales Quote ($330)
  • Employee Time Sheet ($330)
  • Alternate Currency ($330)
  • Inspection ($330)
  • Routing ($430)
  • Audit Trail ($330)
  • Purchase Request (RFQ) ($330)
  • Serial/Lot Number Tracking (SLN) ($430)
  • Engineering Change Notice (ECN) ($430)
  • Customer Bulk Emailer ($330)
  • QuickBooks Export ($430)
  • Corporate Enterprise Reporting ($18,700+)
  • User Task Manager & Tickler ($330)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ($1650+customization)
  • Integrated Web Sales Site Interface ($430)
  • Support: There is no per-user or per-month licensing fee. The optional 1-Year Support Contract ($845) includes 6-hours cap per year support time, and all software revisions and upgrades while under the Contract.

    IMPORTANT POLICY CHANGE: Companies whose support contract has been expired for more than 1 year will be charged an additional $200.00 for each year skipped up to a maximum of $1,500 for a new support contract.
  • pc/MRP is supported on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 workstations
  • pc/MRP runs on most servers including Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Compatible with: QuickBooks***, Excel, Outlook, Access, Crystal Reports, and Visual FoxPro
  • Interfaces with UPS, FedEx, and ShopSite
  • User Customizable Reports, Forms & Labels
  • Infinite Level Bill of Materials
  • Serial Number and Lot Number Tracking
  • Drill Down Accounting Reports and Unlimited Active Accounting Periods with Lock-out Dates.
  • Supports Credit & Debit Memos
  • Supports download of ShopSite internet orders into pc/MRP's sales module
  • Automatic Invoice and Billing Statements
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Visual MRP Timeline
  • ISO 9000 Vendor and Customer Shipment Performance Reporting
  • Tracks Partial Payments & Shipments
  • Single user is expandable to Multi-user
  • Supports Billing Statements
  • Passed Sarbanes-Oxley audits
  • Registered in the Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database

What is pc/MRP?

pc/MRP is a fully integrated Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Accounting, and Inventory program. pc/MRP comes complete with ten integrated modules: Address Book, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Invoicing, Bills of Materials, Stock Room, Shipment, and Accounting (GL, AP, AR). All of the modules can be accessed through the pc/MRP Main Menu shown to the left. Modules can be used on a stand alone or integrated basis.

pc/MRP can be configured to support manufacturing, distribution or retail operations. pc/MRP's multi-user version allows multiple people to enter purchase orders, invoices etc. at the same time on PCs networked with any of the multi-user network servers such as Windows, and Novell.

Application Menu

pc/MRP Main Menu

pc/MRP utilizes a number of different technologies, JSON, Visual Basic, FTP, HTTP, C, .NET, and Visual FoxPro 9.

pc/MRP's Single-user Business and two Multi-user versions are priced at $730.00, $2055.00, and $2745.00 respectively. Users can upgrade from the single-user version to the multi-user version by contacting Software Arts. Inc. and paying the current price difference between the Multi-user version and the price paid for the non-multi-user version (no data will be lost).

Software Arts, Inc. is located in San Jose, California 1-408-226-7321. Hours of operation are 8AM to 12PM & 1PM to 5PM (PT) in California, USA.

* QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.

*** pc/MRP is designed for use only with the U.S. versions of QuickBooks 2003 and higher, (Pro and above).